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Chandana Mitra, associate professor in COSAM, taught her climatology course for the Department of Geosciences at the arboretum.(Taken August 2020)

“To me, the Arboretum open pavilion is the ideal location to teach a climatology class, a class discussing the weather and climate patterns, and also maintaining enough social distancing. The plan is to have the climatology class once or twice every month till the end of the fall semester at the arboretum. Morgan has taken a lot of effort into making the pavilion a teaching friendly place. It has made the experience more conducive to teaching. I think there should more classes like this at Auburn University which would foster effective teaching for the students and a different atmosphere for the instructor too,” Mitra explained.

Courses taught 
  • Urban Geography and Sustainability (currently offered)

  • Urban Climatology (currently offered)

  • Introduction to Climatology (currently offered),

  • Introduction to GIS (previously offered),

  • Panama Study Abroad (previously offered).

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