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Sukanya Dasgupta (PhD Student)

Area of Interest: Natural Hazards, Floods, Landcover/ land use change analysis, Climate Change, Urbanization, Modeling Geospatial Data, Remote Sensing, Data Science Concepts and Coding, Science Communication

Memphis, TN

After completing her Bachelor's Degree at University of Memphis and Master's Degree at Auburn University in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Sukanya is continuing her education in the Interdisciplinary Earth System Science PhD program in the Geosciences department at Auburn University. Under the guidance of the NSF Resilience Traineeship, she has been heavily exposed to science communication tactics and becoming a better climate scientist. Her research focus is on flood aspects in small-and-medium-sized coastal cities in the Southeastern United States. She has a passion for photography, hiking, traveling, cooking and playing with puppies.

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Sukanya Dasgupta (PhD Student)
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